Highlight: The Sixth Sense App

It is just like the world of a science fiction film.

We are now in an age in which an individual can know what people are nearby and even see their profiles, as if wearing x-ray glasses.

The hottest thing this year at SXSW (South by Southwest), which divines the year’s hit services, is “people discovery apps” that use location information.

The top three apps with the most buzz this year (Highlight, Glancee, and Sonar are all in the same category of apps)
Source: http://demo.tracx.com/sxswinfographic/

In addition to these, similar services like Banjo and Gauss are launching one after another.

Among them the most popular by far is Highlight, which made its formal debut at SXSW.

Particularly well-reputed among social media influencers, it greatly expanded its user base during SXSW and got the jump on its worthy rival Glancee.

Highlight uses the Facebook login as well as Facebook profile data.

When a person shares at least one mutual friend or is a fan of any of the same Facebook pages, and that person is within 50 yards, his or her profile is displayed in real-time. (Currently only on iPhone. Android version is expected.)

Those seeking business networking at SXSW were writing in their profiles, “I am at SXSW. Just say “hi” to me.” Networking had already occurred in my vicinity with people saying, “Hi!” in messages and going out for drinks and setting up appointments.

The most interesting thing about Highlight is the way it keeps a history data of people that the user passed by earlier.

Although I did not realize it at the time, when I looked at the history, it turned out to have a conversation with the words “You were at SXSW back then, eh?”

Below is an interview with Highlight CEO Paul Davison.

So young and good-looking. More than that one can see his big-shot style when he says, “I think this will change the world.”

There are those who say they have a “bad feeling” about this sixth sense app. Further, because it is not the custom in Japan to start talking to people one does not know, the hurdles to usage may be high.

However, having actually tried it out and experienced networking with it, I think this is a pretty good app.

People with commonalities and similar interests, that is, people I get along with. People with whom there are mutual benefits from linking up in a business context.

As yet unseen “latent relationships” come to the surface and personal connections accelerate both in private life and in business.

I can meet the people I should meet but have overlooked until now. It would not be strange by any means if someone appeared in the future saying, “Highlight changed my life.”

Caution: Be careful as Highlight eats up the battery on the iPhone.